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Type : HY-300S(I) / HY-300S(II)
Chamber capacity : 30cm x 50cm / 30cmx61cm
Inside capacity(L) : 35.33 / 43.09
Outside size(cm) : 61x57x48(+/-10%) / 72x57x48(+/-10%)
Voltage 110V/Current : Without
Voltage 220V/Current : 20A Heater : 1500W / 2000W
Sterilize Temperature : Lowest 121 ํC (including above temperature), Highest 135 ํC (including under temperature)
Sterilize Pressure : Hightest 2.1 kg/cm² , including under temperature
Sterilize Time : According user need to set up the value. User can read the instrument suggest value
Dry Time : According user need to set up the value. User can read the instruction suggest value.
Material Quality : Stainless steel SUS#304, Boiler chamber inter with burnish. Surface
Deal with : Stainless steel SUS#304. Pot casing with bearing high temperature lacquer.
Automatic vent water-air adjustment
Have the device

Automatic circulate active
Heat temperature. Sterilize. automatic circle water. Dry-automatic circle active. When finish sterilize. The alarm bell rings and power break electric cjrrent automatically.

Automatic supply water system

Safety Equipment
Double pressure adjustment: adjust the inter pressure, if over standard value automatic vent. Avoid overheat protect device. When inter temperature overheat, power break electric current automatically. Automatic break electric current device without water.

Store water Box
Have the device
Sterilize Box-use stainless stell material
Machine addition the Box-Box size match boiler chamber surface with burnish.