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Two platforms: 2,000W & 3,500W

High power, high fluence and Ultra Short Pulse suitable for all kinds of patients throughout the whole year.
New generation of diode laser based on the latest advances in aesthetic medicine field for hair removal, pigmented lesions and acne.

Both devices, 2,000W & 3,500W, guarantee effectiveness, profitability and the best equipment performance.

Multiple Wavelenghts & Treatments
Versatility 2,000W: 4 wavelengths (755, 810, 940 & 1060 nm)
Versatility 3,500W: 1 wavelengths (810 nm)
High power up to 2,000W with all spots: 10×10 and 18×10 mm
High power up to 3,500W with spot: 18x10mm
Effectiveness on all areas (small and large)
USP: Ultra short pulse technology (3ms) exclusive for hair removal on both devices.
European Medical Certificate: tested and proved

Technology & characteristics
Versatile high-power platform, both 2,000W & 3,500W, to treat all phototypes, hair types and
body areas. Maximum safety, profitability and effectiveness even on last sessions’ residual hair and dark skins.

2,000 & 3,500W
To ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.

USP Technology (ultra-short pulses)
USP technology delivers the energy in ultra-short pulses that fulminate germination cells without actually heating the skin.

Up to 4 wavelengths to permanently and safely remove any type of hair on all skin types.
4 wavelengths for 2,000W (755, 810, 940 & 1060 nm)
1 wavelength for 3,500W (810 nm)

Static and Dynamic Mode
The frequency in the pulse repetition of 3Hz in static mode and 15Hz in dynamic mode, in addition to the different spot sizes that we provide (10×10 and 18×10), make Elysion Pro one of the fastest, safest, most powerful and most effective devices in the sector.

The Elysion-Pro platform is designed to work on all skin phototypes and all kinds of hair, with the same effectivity from the first to the last session.