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Fat Freezing Technology

Offer to your patients new body contouring treatments.

“Cold fat reduction is the best alternative to surgery. Crystile freezes the subcutaneous fat without affecting the rest of the surrounding tissues, achieving reductions that can range from 10% to 30%, far superior to any other non-invasive technology. Crystile technology is backed by an 8-year presence around the world and by a company like Cocoon Medical that seeks excellence in its products with more than 30 researchers”.
— Gregorio Viera – CTO Cocoon Medical

Unbeatable results and highly satisfied clients
4 different body HPs.

1 HP for submental area and small areas.

Completely hands-free device.

Easy to use.

Cryoprotectant Membrane* to protect your patients. Maximum safety.

*(Patent pending)

Technology & characteristics
Our constant search for the best methods to treat localized fat has led us to develop the new Crystile advanced equipment. Its revolutionary technology, combined with the design of different applicators that adapt to a large number of body areas, make this treatment possible for all types of patients and the most versatile alternative for body contouring.

Cryoprotectant Membrane (Patent pending)
Cool gel pad membrane guarantees maximum safety for its patients. Its mandatory use allows carrying out treatments with the best results and the greatest skin protection.