OSYPKA Medical® – HAT 500® – System


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OSYPKA Medical® – HAT 500® – System

External Devices

HAT 500® – System
RF Generator, Irrigation Pump and Remote Control for Ablation of Tachyarrhythmias

As inventor of the first RF ablation generator OSYPKA presents their brand new HAT 500® ablation system. The HAT 500® was developed in closed cooperation with medical engineers and electrophysiologists. Therefore, it allows safe and intuitive operation in the EP cath lab right from the start. In combination with the OSYPKA irrigation pump and Remote Control the RF generator is the ideal partner for all RF ablation applications. A special feature of the HAT 500® is the possibility for dual biopolar ablation, that is, simultanoues epi- and endocardial ablation.

Special Features:
– Flow Control depending on energy output
– 2 simultaneously controllable pumps (for dual bipolar ablation)
– Low-noise and low-wear roller pump
– High resolution Touch Screen with clear colors
– Permanent graphical and numerical display of all relevant
ablation parameters
– Easy handling of touch screen and dials with and without gloves
– Remote control pad controlling both generator and pump
– Bipolar ablation possible with 1 single or 2 simultaneous catheters
– Color-coded connection outlets and cables