OSYPKA Medical® – ICON


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OSYPKA Medical® – ICON

Portable Noninvasive Cardiometer
Product Description:
The ICON™ monitor is a portable, cost-effective monitor for the measurement of cardiac output in neonates, pediatrics, and adults.

Intuitive User Interface
ICON provides an easy-to-use plug and play type interface that is easily understood in stressful situations. Typically, less than one day of training is required for all personal, nurses and doctors alike, to master the use of the ICON Monitor.

There are 4 easy steps to measuring cardiac output:

Attach electrodes
Press “Menu” to access patient management screen
Enter the patient’s height, weight, age
Press “Measure” to start (the green button)
Portability: The ICON monitor is the first and only portable battery-operated cardiac output monitor available in the world. The size of the ICON, at 8’’ x 4’’ x 1”, 3 lb, makes it the ideal monitor during medical emergencies, medical transport, and situations where space is limited.

ICU: The handheld ICON comes equipped with a 2 hour battery life that can be used for continuous monitoring, or for routine spot-checks during clinical rounds on multiple patients in the ICU.

OR: The ICON’s portability is ideal for maximizing the space available during preoperative and intraoperative settings. Often in the OR, wires become bundled or entangled; ICON’s patient cable follows a grouping system that allows for easy arrangements for a clutter-free operating room.

Emergency: The size of the ICON allows it to be easily incorporated into any ground or air transport units. Additionally, the 2 hour battery life allows for continuous measurement throughout the transport, as well as for interdepartmental transport/transfers.

Simple Data Management
iControl is a dedicated PC program which facilitates the exporting of data, management of ICON software updates, and customization of features.

ICON provides a wireless connection with any PC that is Bluetooth compatible, which can be used to export data through iControl software. Furthermore, the ICON status report can be printed wirelessly with any compatible Bluetooth printer.

Data Logging
Data logging feature allows for the ICON to streamline data in realtime to a PC at specified intervals of beat to beat, 10s, 30s, 1min or 5min.

Data Integration
Utilizing the VueLink technology provided by Phillips, the ICON can sync with most models of IntelliVue patient monitoring systems. This allows for the measurements from the ICON to be displayed alongside other conventional parameters on central patient monitors.

Electronic Medical Records EMR
With a VueLink interface, the ICON parameters can be directly exported out of the patient monitoring system in the universal EMR language HL7.

ICON Specifications
Continuous monitoring of user-defined hemodynamic parameters
3.5” high resolution color display
Rechargeable battery backup for 2 hours of operation
Sophisticated detection of pacemaker stimulis
Blood Flow / Electrical Cardiometry™
Stroke Volume (SV) / Stroke Index (SI)
Heart Rate (HR)
Cardiac Output (CO) / Cardiac Index (CI)
Index of Contractility (ICON)
Variation of Index of Contractility (VIC)
Systolic Time Ratio (STR = PEP/LVET)
Fluid Status
Thoracic Fluid Content (TFC)
Stroke Volume Variation
Dynamic Fluid Challenges
Passive leg raising (PLR) tests
Bolus fluid challenge tests
Digital Interfaces
Communication with medical networks and hosptial information systems (HIS) using HL7 standard
Connectivity to Phillips systems through IntelliBridge and VueLink Interface
Internal data storage and wireless transmission to PC
iControl PC-Software allows data export to Microsoft Excel
Wireless printing and data transfer with Bluetooth