OSYPKA Medical® – TO-F and TO-F J


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OSYPKA Medical® – TO-F and TO-F J

TO-F and TO-F J

The temporary esophageal leads TO-F and TO-F J in combination with the esophagus stimulator OSYPKA PACE50E and the Rostock Filter (Butterworth high pass filter) are designed for the transesophageal stimulation and recording of proximal cardiac potentials of the atrium and ventricle. They are suitable for a variety of semi-invasive procedures, such as:

– the diagnostic of cardiac arrhythmias in children and adults
– the precise determination of AV and/or VVdelays to support left ventricular
lead implantation during biventricular pacing (CRT)
– the depiction of the esophagus and the stimulation of the left atrium during
pulmonary vein ablation

TO-F (​Art. No. ​27514)
Diameter: 7F
Pole Number: 4
Pole Distance: 15-15-15
Lead Length: 95 cm

TO-F J (​Art. No. ​27515)
Diameter: 6F
Pole Number: 4
Pole Distance: 10-10-10
Lead Length: 95 cm

Connection cable
– 2-polar, single-use (Art. No. 81827)
– 4-polar, re-usable (Art. No. 81826)