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Radiofrequency facial – body treatment

Safyre allows you improve the appearance of your patients. Safyre RF works deeply on the layers of the skin to obtain results in fat reduction, cellulite reduction and body contouring maintaining the temperature in a safe and comfortable way throughout the whole treatment.
Safyre also works on the superficial layers of the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin, reducing wrinkles, laxity and improving the overall appearance of the skin.

Visible results, our best guarantee.

Monopolar & Bipolar technology
3 Body HPs
1 Facial HPs
1 massage HP, special to stimulate the lymphatic system post RF treatment and obtain better results
Fat & cellulite reduction, skin tightening and facial rejuvenation.

Technology & characteristics
The results offered by Safyre are visible from the first session and are long lasting on the skin.

Facial rejuvenation
Safyre produces heating at dermic level which stimulates the production of collagen, provoking an immediate tightening effect and a noticeable improvement in the quality of the tissues. Wrinkles are reduced by more than 3% and the skin presents a more luminous and toned texture.

Body contouring
The elimination of cellulite and body toning are the results offered by Safyre from the first sessions, Safyre works in three phases: drainage, reduction and firming up. It obtains an integral re-contouring effect and an unbeatable result. The secret lies in the activation of the elastin fibres and collagen which help to regenerate the damaged skin and reduce the adipose tissue. The effects are a smooth and firm skin and a visible reduction of the adipose tissue.

• Reduction of wrinkles and expression lines

• Reduction of bags and rings

• Lifting of periocular region

• Filling of wrinkles in nasolabial region

Body contouring
Body 4 pin multipolar
Suitable for draining the tissue and favouring the elimination of liquids. Its use is recommended in the first sessions.

This head helps to firm up the skin, obtaining a smooth and elastic effect. Its use is recommended in the final sessions.

Body 6 pins multipolar
Allows the destruction of the adipose tissue and helps to eliminate localized fat. Its use is recommended in the middle treatment sessions.

Massaging head
Designed to produce a massage-tightening effect on the skin. The professional can adjust the intensity depending on the client’s resistance. It helps to reduce and firm up.