Smiths Medical® – SURGIVET® Handheld Capnograph


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Handheld Capnograph

Sidestream technology for application with intubated and non-intubated patients

Dimensions: 5.0” H x 4.38” W x 2.9” D (12.2 cm H x 11.1 cm W x 7.37 cm D)
Weight: 22 oz. (0.63 kg)

21-0464-01 battery eliminator 105-125 VAC, 90 Hz (US Port)
21-0465-10 battery eliminator (AU)
21-0466-50 battery eliminator (EU)
21-0467-20 battery eliminator (UK)
20690B2 protective boot (purple)
V1175 CO2 monitor exhaust kit
WW8214 patient attachment kit includes:
8208 10-gas manifold filters
8211 10-4 ft sample lines
WW1100 10-straight
Airway adapters
Operations manual
V1700 reflectance oximetry sensor (V8400D only)
V1703 universal “Y” sensor (V8400D only)