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DENTAL < The X IMPLANT Features MAX OUTPUT POWER 20W SUPPLY FREQUENCY (ACTION/PAUSE) 3/2s OUTPUT FREQUENCY 625+-5% kHz TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY 4.3″ SIZE 22X13X23 cm WEIGHT 2 kgs Currents decontaminator in the treatment of infected peri-implant and periodontal sites The X IMPLANT attacks the biofilm that forms around dental implants, its purpose is to de-escalate the onset of “implant disease” which is also known as peri-implantitis. Peri-implantitis manifests itself with an initial phase, called mucositis as well as a more advanced phase called frank peri-implantitis. The bacteria that come into play in the determination of this pathology are the same ones that are responsible for periodontal disease. when dealing with mucositis, it is the peri-implant soft parts, not the peri-implant bone constituent that’s the focus. The symptoms are manifested by inflammation of the gum tissue which causes pain and easy bleeding. The X IMPLANT system The current treatment technique provides precise protocols, in terms of timing and intensity of automated currents, for each type of application, such as to carry out a non-invasive and non-traumatic treatment for healthy tissues. The concept of the treatment is based on the physical action of destruction of the bacterial biofilm. The “electrode” effect of the system is exploited, thus developing a current around its surface which decontaminates it. These treatments are performed “closed” without local anesthesia. The XIMPLANT system involves contact with the active electrode on the implant, which is “crossed” by a high frequency electromagnetic wave that breaks the biofilm acting on the entire surface of the implant. In fact, it should be remembered that titanium has an ionic conductivity subjected to a potential difference of 3%, sufficient to induce the ionic movement on its surface, such as to induce the destruction of the bacterial biofilm.