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Technical Information
– Use the alternating current voltage 220 volts, 50 Hz.
– In the form of a chair, the patient recovered. Caught with And adjustable high – low.
– Focal length cylindrical Length of not less than 8 inches or 20 cm. Diameter of not less than 6 cm.
– The system offers voltage (Stabilizer).
– Can be used with film and supports Digital.
– The voltage X-ray tube head size is less than 60 kVp / 7mA.
– The size of the (Fucal spot) 0.8 mm.
– You can set the time on the X-ray is between 0.06 to 3.2 seconds and allows you to select the level to suit.
– Display with Digital display shows the time taken for each tooth, or individual.
– A filter before being released from the X-ray radiation. Thickness not less than 1.5 mm.
– Tue Head X – ray installations Flexible Arm with adjustable height. Left, right, and rotated around 360 ºC. spindle
– To control the tomography is a switch. Length not less than 2 meters.
– The symbol of light and sound When you press the switch status radiography and after a set time or when.Release the switch before the end of time.
– Certified Safety Standards. And those with international And the benchmark